Mannatech satisfaction guarantee

Mannatech guarantees your full satisfaction!

We’re all about delivering results at Mannatech. And we’ve done it for more than a million people all over the world since 1994. So it’s safe to say we’re extremely confident in the difference our products can make. That’s why we offer our 180-day Satisfaction Guarantee (in the USA, other countries have other periods). You can try our products for up to six months—risk free. If after six months you’re not satisfied, contact our Customer Care department at 800-281-4469, and we will provide you with a full refund.

Mannatech satisfaction guarantee


For the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A 180 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is  something unique. Try it in the local bakery; “Sir, I have eaten your bread for 90 days and I’m not fully satisfied about it. Here are the empty bags, can I get my money back?”. It is something unique and ofcourse there are some conditions:

  • You should register with Mannatech in order to receive the products (contact us for more details)
  • You must retain all spent products and invoices so that you can return the empty products
  • The postage for the return come at your own expense
  • There is a maximum of $ 735, – to return goods

The only way to experience the product before you do anything is to use it yourself. Do not delay and contact us for advice.

To become an associate (with no purchase obligation or contract), please fill in your details below. We will then contact you within 27 hours.