The science that changes lives

Glycobiology is since 1988 the most intriguing science in the field of health. With glycobiology is meant the fact that sugar molecules can be linked to protein structures. Glycobiology is a science that deals with the structure, synthesis and biology of sugar chains. It is a relatively young but very promising science. From glycobiology is expected that in the next 10 to 15 years it will influence and change the medical science dramatically.

Glycobiologie in short:

  • Each cell communicates with another cell (cell communication)
  • This is done through ‘docking stations’ on the cell surface
  • These docking stations need ‘glyconutritions’ to connect
  • These eight glycans are vitally important in communicating with other cells

The essential sugars ensure proper communication with other cells. That’s what we call cell-to-cell communication in glycobiology. The cells communicatie for example ‘feed me’ or ‘cleanse me’ or ‘heal me. ” Once the communication is disturbed and the communication is disrupted or faulty, our immuunsystem can be compromised. Glycobiology is knowledge about the processing of bioactive, non-metabolic Glycoconjugate sugar structures in the human body. Glyconutrients are vital for the allostatic and homeostatic body processes. They are vital For important cognitive functions, the biological response of our immune system, inhibiting the adhesion of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites, the improvement of recovery processes, the endurance, cell regeneration and, finally, to the importance of the entire digestive system.


Did you know that four out of the last eight Nobel Prizes in physiology are given to people who do research into glycobiology?

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2011) published a study of glycobiology stating that taking glyconutrients can cause very positive changes in the sugar structures on the cell surface. And all this is completely without side effects. This means that the mutual glycobiology improves the communication between cells. With huge positive impact on our body and thus our health.

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