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In 2013 Mannatech came across my path. The products seem to be to good to be true. The business model (network marketing) was new for me so it raised a lot of questions.

After three months of extensive research regarding all the products and people who’s quality of life was tremendous changed I got some really good answers. Also I heard the explenation about the business model, the people working in network marketing and I learned that it was a legitimate business.

  1. Network marketing does about 178 billion dollars worldwide.
  2. Mannatech was founded in 1993 and has more than 100 patents worldwide.
  3. Mannatech is a public company at the NASDAQ by the name of MTEX.
  4. Mannatech is operational in 26 countries.
  5. Mannatech offers everybody a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  6. At Mannatech they do their own research in which they invested already more than 50 million dollar
  7. The compensation plan offers everybody a fair opportunity to earn a passive income with the sales of Mannatech products.
  8. We now make use of a time-proven effective system that allows anybody to create a passive income.

When I fully grasped the concept of network marketing and the enormous impact the products had on lives I dove into it. It was the best choice that I’ve ever made!


Matthias Joosse and Alfredo Bala (CEO Mannatech)

Matthias Joosse

Matthias Joosse

Executive Director Mannatech

What we do worldwide:

  • Present the products
  • Present the Mannatech business opportunity
  • Train the succesfull team which works with Mannatech
  • Sell the products of Mannatech worldwide

Do you want to know more, watch a presentation or do you have questions about the business opportunity? Don’t hesitate contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.