Ambrotose side-effects

Good to know

Does Ambrotose causes side effects? A fair and good question that should be answered with caution. You are using Ambrotose to get better instead of worse.

Does Ambrotose causes side effects?

Ambrotose made by Mannatech is a unique, natural and plant-sourced dietary supplement. The ingredients are plant-based, with the result that your body can handle it perfectly. In contrast to the 95% synthetic dietary supplements that are for sale in the market. This, of course, causes less side effects than other synthetic supplements. Ambrotose is fully tested LD50. That means that there is a maximum amount when people will react negatively. Ambrotose is tested by an independent third party and the result is that a person can take more than 5,000 mg / kg food without negative side effects. That means that this product is non-toxic and non-irritating.


Additionally Ambrotose is designed for the intake of the eight glyconutrients. Something that the body simply needs and therefore will not cause any side effects. Here you will find what is in Ambrotose according to the label.

Serving size 2 g (slightly rounded 3/4 teaspoon)
Serverings per container 30 (60 g) and 60 (120 g)
Vitamine A (as betacaroteen) 120 ug (15% ADH)
Plant Polysaccharides 3,6 gram

So there are no synthetic ingrediënts in Ambrotose. But still it is very important that when you exerience pain in your stomach or you are expierencing headache that you contact the person who introduced you to Ambrotose.

The ‘side-effects’ of Ambrotose:

The side effects that occur are detoxification symptoms. The body will go through a period of losing the waste. For that reason it is very important that the user of Ambrotose continues to drink plenty of water throughout the day. The restored immune system will repel all kinds of waste, which is sometimes accompanied by abdominal pain or headache. However, these are temporary symptoms and are often gone within two to three days.

We also see some people who suffer from flatulence. Again, this has to do with the detoxification and successful restoration of the intestinal tract. This is a temporary thing and will last no longer than a week.

What to do whit unusual side effects:

When really strange things happen, we will advise you to stop using Ambrotose immediately. Then you can simply start using Ambrotose again at a very small dose. That can sometimes be a quarter of a gram (!) In order to accustom the body. That means you have at least two full weeks of that and then slowly build up the dosage. This prevents your body that it gets upset by the enormous boost it gets from the glyconutrition. Also, please contact the person who directed you to Ambrotose.